About Excellently Imperfect

What is Excellently Imperfect?  It’s a philosophy, a lifestyle, a standard; it’s a way of life.  It’s…me.  I strive to do everything with an attitude of excellence but keep myself armed with a healthy dose of forgiveness.  That simply means that I always want to give my all, in excellence, but I recognize that perfection is unattainable.

I am the wife of an amazing man, the inherited mother to an adorable 10-year-old who stole my heart and the Founder, Owner and CEO of Excellently Imperfect Fitness & Wellness.  And that sounds so rehearsed and hollow that I’m literally shaking my head at myself right now.  So here’s the deal, I’m just a girl (yes, I’m a 36-year-old woman who still refers to the girls or ladies) who loves God, her family, fitness, overall well-being and helping people.    And that is exactly why I decided to create a site and start a blog – to help.

I don’t know that I’m an expert at much, but I will say that I’m skilled and experienced in many areas.  I’m an honest, determined, resilient, goal-oriented rule follower.  I’m not always polished, but I am always a lady.  I don’t always say what you want to hear, but I’ll tell you what I think you need to hear to better your life.

Before she passed, my mother would always tell people “Crystal will stay out of your business and keep her opinion to herself, but once you ask her, you open the door.  So don’t ask if you aren’t ready to hear the truth, because she’s going to tell you the truth.”  So I hope you seek truth, because that is all I give.  Not out of cruelty or callousness, but out of a desire to help us all be the very best versions of ourselves that we can be.  To enable us to decide who we want to be and push to become those excellently imperfect people.


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